Liberated From Sin, Enslaved to God
Romans 6:20-23

1. Slaves of Sin, Rotten Fruit, and Death (6:20-21)
2. Slaves of God, Ripe Fruit and Eternal Life (6:22)
3. What the Flesh Earns versus What God’s Free Gift Provides (6:23)

Because you have obtained God’s free gift of eternal life, and have been freed from sin and its wages…Turn from that for which Jesus died and pursue righteousness.


  • Put off the sinful desires of the flesh and live to God, his commands and his promises.
  • As you pursue righteousness, gain assurance of faith by seeing your growth in sanctification.
  • Rejoice in and let the hope of eternal life motivate your living now.
  • Trust God and seek his strength to accomplish the righteous life.
  • When we do sin, we should run to God in faith and repentance, confessing our sins.